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Black Box Thinking: Building a Culture of High Performance in a Complex World

09:20 - 10:05

As the world changes, there is one constant truth: only those who adapt can survive. Agility, and a willingness to innovate, are not just useful extras, but central to growth.

The great institutions and successful individuals are adaptive for a simple reason: they realise that in a complex world, they don’t already have all the answers. They are therefore not threatened by information about their weaknesses. Indeed, they actively look for them.

Growth mindset is the psychological ingredient that underpins such organisations. People in this mindset see success as dynamic in nature. They are less worried about what they know now than about how quickly they can learn. Precisely because of this perspective, they look for new information, update their assumptions, and are not afraid of their mistakes.

The right psychology is the starting point for all the other things – agility, adaptability, innovation, continuous improvement – that are so important to our future. We need to get away from self-justification and status quo bias – and change the world.

Using compelling examples from healthcare, aviation, business, education, sport and the criminal justice system, Matthew Syed will highlight how to implement a growth culture and the difference that that can have on performance – both at an individual level and at an organisational level.


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